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Class Four: Twitter, PLNs and Social Bookmarking

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Class Four:  Twitter, PLNs and Social
  Supplementary Information
Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the
Classroom by Alan November

What are we missing in our classes?  Why?





Prezi - Twitter: A Global Faculty Lounge



  1. Twitter in 60 Seconds
  2. Introducing the Book



Twitter- Sign up for an account!


Backchanneling with

The Twitter Experiment-UTDallas


Twitter Dictionary: A Guide to Understanding Twitter Lingo 




35 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom


Twitter Help for Educators 




Twitter Dictionary




To Schedule Tweets or Not


Hashtags on Twitter:  How do you follow them?


Services for Pre-Scheduling Your Tweets



Using tweetdeck to follow hashtags discussions 


Try: #highered 

Try:  #esl and/or #tefl and/or #efl

Try: #edtech

Try:  #psychology

Try:  #math

Try:  #biology


Backchannel in Education – Nine Uses - http://is.gd/cOdhu

Social Bookmarking


Social bookmarking applications allow

users to share their favorite online content

with one another while also creating onlinebookmarks that the user can refer

to in the same way he would a bookmark created offline in his web browser.

(McIntosh, 2/09)

Del.icio.us,  Digg, Diigo,

Citeulike  (research), 



Using Delicious in Education


The Top Ten Best Social Bookmarking Sites


Packrati.us = Twitter + Delicious



Student voice and social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking & Tags


Delicious meets Twitter meets Delicious


What is Tagging?


Teaching Students About Tagging









Only 50% of Twitter Messages Are in English, Study Says


Read:   1.   10 High Fliers on Twitter (The Chronicle)

            2.   10 Rules that Govern Groups (Psyblog)

            3.   4 Things to Remember as You Twitter


1.  PLN: Your Personal Learning Network
     Made Easy                 

2.  PLN Yourself!               http://3.ly/Bp2

3.  PLN Blueprint               http://3.ly/pfS

4.  The PLN is Powerful      http://3.ly/Ap5

5.  This is what my PLN tweets about:  http://3.ly/nZL

6.  Beginners Guide to Connecting & Engaging on Twitter

7.  Ten Twitter Turn-Off's To Avoid When Building Your Teacher PLN

8.  5 Reasons Why Educators Should Network http://3.ly/NOzs

9.  Things Changed  http://tinyurl.com/2bn9gz9

10. What Ways Are Personal Learning Networks Having An Effect On Education? http://su.pr/1YKsJM

11. How to start a PLN-a sketchy explanation:  http://bit.ly/byb1sL



1.  VoiceThread used as a venue for "What Does the

Network Mean to You?"

2.  Building a Personal Learning Network


3.  Twitter Empowered Teachers





1.  Why Twitter Will Endure  http://3.ly/HL4

2.  The 5 Most Important Things I Have Learned from Twitter    http://www.mrkeenan.com/?p=313




What does your PLN look like?

Tuesday, July 20

In class:       The focus of this class will be on using Twitter to establish a personal learning network (PLN) and how social bookmarking can be used as a tool for both teaching and learning.

Homework Assignment:

1.  This week's blog post should be about your experiences setting up your PLN (personal learning network), the people you connect with, any positives or negatives that occur, and any questions or revelations that you have while in search of global colleagues. 

2.  Prepare to present your final project to the class next week.  Choose an application that you think would enhance the learning in one of your classes.  Present it to our class explaining why you choose this particular application, how you plan to use it, and what you believe the positive outcome and challenges to be from incorporating this in your lessons.  Your final blog post next week will be to document your presentation.



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