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Class Three: Presentation Sharing

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Global Networking/Collaborating with Presentation Sharing

Class Three:  Presentation Sharing   Supplementary Information

Videos in Class:




The Internet -
Ted's The Web as Random Acts of Kindness




Did You Know 3.0


Did You Know 4.0


Did You Know 5-April 2009


Did You Know Best of Shift Happens Video December 2009


Did You Know? Student Perspective


Welcome to the Digital Generation


Pranav Mistry: The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology




     How to Use Animoto



      Embedding Part of a YouTube Video


      How to Link to a Specific Part of a   YouTube


Make Your Own YouTube Player w/out ads


Hide YouTube Comments


A Cleaner YouTube

Edit YouTube at either end splicd

More Ways to Edit Your Videos in YouTube

The YouTube Trick!

Video Annotation on VideoAnt

12 Useful YouTube Accessories for Teachers & Students



Other Video Resources:


Create and exploit silent movies for language practice

  1. Digitally Speaking Links
  2. Learning TRENDS re video by Masie.docx
  3. Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources
  4. YouTube in the Classroom
  5. Going Digital Without Going Broke


Using YouTube to Create and Exploit Silent Movies for Language Practice

Take the Survey:

How Millennial are you? http://pewresearch.org/millennials/quiz/index.php






  Future Proof Your Education


How to Create a Stunning

   Background in Prezi 




Glogster Tutorial 


Innovative Educator Award Winner


How to Use Glogster




Education Glogster Ning



Rita's Glog Cinco de mayo


Rita's Glog Milwaukee


Embed Voki in Glogster (requires extra hardware)


Prezi:  A Quickstart Guide


Power Point and Prezi Tutorials


The Power and Point of using Prezi in the classroom  


Russell Stannard's Prezi Tutorial 1


Russel Stannard's Prezi Tutorial 2


Step-by-Step Tutorial on Prezi Meeting




Voicethread Examples in Education


How to use Voice Thread and VoiceThread Doodler (tutorial)




VoiceThread Playground











Welcome to the Voicethread 4 Education wiki


100 Ways to Use VoiceThread in Education


An Educator's Guide to Using VoiceThread.pdf


Introduction to VoiceThread.pdf 


Samples of Voice Thread Usage:

Get Well Soon, Chase (VoiceThread)


VoiceThread used as a venue for "What Does the Network Mean to You?"


17 Interesting Ways to Use Voicethread in the Classroom




VoiceThread Help Forum



The Great Wordle Crisis


46 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom


Wordle Ideas

Tuesday, July 13

In class:        We'll look at various presentation sharing tools and discuss their possible use in our courses. All students will use VoiceThread in class to comment on Sixth Sense Technology.

Homework:  1) Write your third blog post about one of the following:  (a) your impression of one or more of the video presentations from class today or from the above supplementary information; or (b) if and how you think one of the above tools could be helpful in incorporating or facilitating increased or better collaboration in your department; or (c) experiment with creating an Animoto, Glogster or Voicethread presentation and embed it on your blog to share with us. Comment in your blog on your experience putting the presentation together and embedding it. 2) Start preparing for your final project by experimenting with any of the tools presented in class three or listed in More Web Tools for Work or Play.  If you're not sure what the final project is all about, take a look at the Syllabus ZERD-078-400 .  Contact me ASAP if you have questions. To Contact Rita



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