Additional Slide and Video Tutorials

21st Century Information Fluency


Helpful Slides and/or Video 

     100 Awesome Classroom Videos to Learn New Teaching Techniques

     100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers                               

     101 Free Learning Tools                                                    

     Amazing Stories of Openness with Alan Levine   

     Academic Earth (Video Lectures from World's Top Scholars)

     A Glogster EDU Tutorial                                                   

     Apture Hyve Up                                                    

     *Classroom Technology (A plethora of videos)                   

     *Computer Hardware in Plain English                               

     *Eleven Interesting Ways to Use Web Conferencing in the Classroom                             

     Future Learning in a Digital Age                                       

     How to Use YouTube in Class                                           

     Slide Share: Social Media In Innovation Education                 

     Slide Share:  Social Learning                                             

     Slide Share:  Social Networking                                       

     Slide Share:  Using Google for Online Learning                 

     Teacher Training Videos (for using different technologies) 

     Tips for the Not So Techy                                                

     YouTube:  Did You Know 4-IV?                                        

     YouTube:  Diigo V3                                                         

     YouTube:  Moodle Presentation                                        

     YouTube:  RSS in Plain English                                        

     YouTube:  Transparency and Connectivity                               

     YouTube:  A Fair(y)Use Tale (about fair use and copyright law)