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100 Best Blogs for the Tech-Savvy Teacher (redirected from 10020Best20Blogs20for20the20Tech-Savvy20Teacher)

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While there are still some educators who dispute the importance of technology in the classroom, there is no dispute over the fact that technology is here to stay in schools. Whether you are one of those tech-savvy teachers who can’t get enough of technology news and ideas or you are a teacher just learning to embrace technology in the classroom, these blogs offer a wealth of information straight from teachers and other professionals in the education field themselves.

Technology in Education

Follow the latest trends, keep up with news, and find out what others are saying about technology in education with these blogs.

  1. Technology Fridge. Like magnets on your refrigerator, this blogger offers tons of little tidbits of technology for the classroom from articles to blog posts to cool tools.
  2. Teach42. Steve Dembo, a former a kindergarten teacher, writes about education and technology in this blog from Discovery Education.
  3. Learning and Technology: A Blog for Reflection. Lee Kraus stays on top of all the latest technology trends applicable to the classroom and shares them on this blog.
  4. Bit by Bit. With a combination of text and podcast posts, this blog shares tons of information about technology and education.
  5. Drape’s Takes. The Director of Technology Services in a Utah school district, Darren Draper shares his thoughts about using technology in education and how best to do so.
  6. 2¢ Worth. This veteran educator takes a look at education, technology, and the forces that shape them here.
  7. Philly Teacher. A computer science teacher, this blogger shares his perspective about technology in the classroom with recent topics including using Kindle and cell phones in schools and an example of education without technology.
  8. A GeekyMomma’s Blog. Making a career change and returning to teaching, this GeekyMomma has plenty to share about technology and education.
  9. Bud the Teacher. Bud often writes about ways to implement technology in education with some recent posts covering how to read social networks as texts and participating in online collaborative writing.
  10. Graham Wegner – Open Educator. This Australian educator blogs about technology in the classroom here.
  11. Blog by Carol. With posts ranging from the problems with Blackboard to statistics about the effectiveness of online learning, this blog provides helpful information about online learning and technology.
  12. Dangerously Irrelevant. Technology and school policy share double billing on this blog.
  13. Geek!Ed!. Get weekly podcasts from these educators to find out the latest on technology in education.


Many teachers enjoy the opportunity for innovation that technology brings. Read these blogs to find out what some of those teachers are doing.

  1. Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom. Blogging about everything from social media to Twitter to the value of homework, this educator is all about technology and innovative processes.
  2. Qrious. This blog is full of creative ideas and resources for teachers, including plenty of technology tools.
  3. Rethinking Learning. Innovative learning techniques involving technology such as blogging, Twitter, and sharing information with Creative Commons licensing are often featured here.
  4. Nebraska Change Agent. Follow along with this social studies teacher in Nebraska as she shares her ideas and resources for incorporating technology and changing the way students learn.
  5. Avenue4Learning. Michelle Baldwin believes in reaching the students through their world, which frequently involves innovative uses of technology to do so.
  6. The Power of Educational Technology. Liz B. Davis’ blog strives to inspire innovative teaching by incorporating technology in the classroom.
  7. NJ Tech Teacher Musings. Technology and innovative teaching ideas are featured in this blog written by a K-8 teacher in New Jersey.
  8. On an e-journey with generation Y. Ning, Skype, and more are a part of the experience this teacher and her students share as they explore technology in their classroom.

Technology Resources for Teachers

These blogs offer tips, advice, resources and more to give teachers the tools they need to implement technology into their curricula.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Vicki Davis enjoys popularity for good reason with the posts here offering truly helpful suggestions and advice on education and technology.
  2. The Clever Sheep. This educator shares his tech knowledge both in the classroom and with other teachers via this blog.
  3. EdTech Talk. Find webcasts from several sources in this blog that offers helpful tech solutions, advice, and more to educators.
  4. Twenty Minutes for Tech. Listen to these podcasts to discover a wealth of helpful tech information from other educators.
  5. Tech Chick Tips. These two educators share lots of tips for teaching students with technology.
  6. Secondary Worlds. This blog features tons of information about new tools you can use as a teacher, including help for podcasting, using Twitter, creating video, and more.
  7. Free Technology for Teachers. These posts provide plenty of free technology resources for teachers.
  8. Teachers Love SMART Boards. Dedicated specifically to using SMART Boards, this blog shares tons of information and tips.
  9. Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day. Jane Hart provides a new resource to support technology in the learning environment every day on her blog.
  10. Teacher Reboot Camp. Find a ton of helpful resources to implement so you can connect with students through technology.
  11. Langwitches Blog. Find many links to technology resources on this blog along with information about ways to use the technology in the classroom.
  12. Educational Technology Weblog. From the Educational Technology Department of Palm Beach County Schools, this blog offers tons of great resources for teachers.
  13. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day. Designed for teaching ELL, ESL, and EFL students, this daily listing of websites grouped by theme are handy for all teachers and students.
  14. TeachPaperless. An awesome blog to help teachers go paperless, find plenty of information and resources here.
  15. Enhanced English Teacher. Get great ideas to teach English with technology by following this blog.
  16. iLearn Technology. Find tips to integrate technology in the classroom on this blog written by a K-5 technology specialist.
  17. Best Practices in Education: Total Focus. This blog provides all the latest educational news from Twitter users in short posts updated throughout the week.
  18. The Edublogger. The official blog of Edublogs, this is the place to find advice and support to educators who blog.
  19. Think Like a Teacher. This tech-savvy teacher offers insight into how and what to incorporate when thinking about technology and education.

Virtual Worlds

These blogs are devoted to sharing information on ways to utilize virtual worlds such as Second Life in an educational setting.

  1. The Educator’s Second Life. Find plenty of great ways to use Second Life with your class on this blog.
  2. Oh! Virtual Learning. With an emphasis on Second Life, this blogger also takes a look at other virtual learning environments and general technology in education.
  3. The Story of My "Second Life". This blog is a chronicle of a K-20 educator’s grant-funded experience using Second Life in education.
  4. Victoria’s Blog. This educator shares information about Second Life, World of Warcraft, and other virtual world applications in the school setting.
  5. Greenbush Labs Blog. Implementing technology in education, especially through virtual worlds, is the focus of this blog.
  6. jokaydia. This blog is all about virtual worlds in education. They are currently planning for an "unconference," so check in to see how you can participate.
  7. Discovery Educator Network Second Life. Find plenty of support for educators using Second Life at this blog.

Special Education and Assistive Technology

Technology brings unique opportunities for students in special education or requiring assistive technology. These blogs share information and resources about ways technology can help your students.

  1. EdTech Solutions. This teacher shares what she knows as well as what she picks up along the way from other bloggers and Twitter users to help facilitate learning for all students.
  2. Teaching All Students. Assistive technology in the special education classroom is the focus of this teacher’s blog.
  3. Thinking UDL: Universal Design for Learning. Learn how technology can help facilitate differentiation in the classroom in this blog.
  4. AT Cubed. This assistive technology specialist shares information about assistive technology and how best it can be implemented in education.
  5. Christine Southard’s Blogspot. An inclusion teacher trained in special ed, Christine blogs about co-teaching, assistive technology, and tons of great technology resources to use in the classroom.
  6. Apace of Change. This school psychologist focuses much of his blog on assistive technology issues and special education.
  7. SpeEdChange. Focusing on many policies and issues that create an unequal educational system, this blog explores ways to make learning accessible for all students.
  8. Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner. A great resource, this blog features free tools and applications that specifically support facilitating learning for special education students.
  9. Education on the Plate. A special education teacher and campaigner against disabilism, this teachers writes about issues important to innovative special ed classes.
  10. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs. Teachers and students with multiple special needs will find this blog to be a valuable resource.
  11. The Assistive Technology Blog. From transcription of online meetings to resources for online keyboarding for kids with autism, this blog offers tons of resources.
  12. Assistive Technology. Written by a school psychologist with an interest in assistive technology, project management, and web 2.0, this blog offers lots of information educators may find helpful.
  13. Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties. Find tons of links to helpful websites to help you create an awesome learning environment for all students.
  14. SMD Teacher. Working with students with multiple disabilities, this teacher shares her experience as well as helpful tech resources such as the list of SMART Board software.

High Tech Librarians

These librarians are all about bringing technology into the education world.

  1. TechnoTuesday. This blog does a great job of incorporating elements important to teachers and librarians including a large amount of technology resources for both.
  2. Librarians Matter. Kathryn Greenhill stays on top of emerging technologies and writes about them here.
  3. The Shifted Librarian. Jenny, the self-proclaimed information maven will keep you up to date with all the latest technology and keep you connected with others educators as they share information on the Internet.
  4. The Blue Skunk Blog. This librarian incorporates poems and literature into the posts that cover such topics as current events, social networking, multitasking, and more.
  5. HeyJude. Join Judy O’Connell for information about using technology in education, and more specifically, in libraries.
  6. Lorcan Dempsey’s Weblog. E-books, digital libraries, and Twitter are just a few of the latest topics on this librarian’s blog.
  7. Informania. Helpful websites, better ways to use Gmail, and digital texts are just a few of the tech posts that appear here.
  8. The Unquiet Librarian. This high school librarian and media specialist writes plenty about using new media in education.
  9. librarian.net. Jessamyn West provides an excellent place to find information about technology, libraries, and education.
  10. Calling All School Librarians!. Librarians and educators can stay on top of conferences, technology, and more with this blog.

Corporate Education

Get the corporate perspective on technology in education with these blogs.

  1. eLearning Technology. Keep up with trends and new applications with this blog from the CEO/CTO of an eLearning development firm.
  2. Edutopia Blogs. This blog is an excellent source of information about cutting-edge education trends, innovations, and advice from those in the trenches.
  3. Britannica Blog. Science and technology feature on this blog that shares great resources as well as news.
  4. Making change. eLearning is the focus of this blog with most topics directed specifically at adult learners.
  5. Angela Maiers. This educational consultant shares lots of information about learning with many posts including tech-savvy ideas.
  6. Tech Tools. This blog from Scholastic provides the latest news as well as information from real educators to stay on top of the latest in education and technology.
  7. Clarey. Check out Janet Clarey’s blog at Branden Hall Research where e-learning, social media, and technology are all featured.
  8. Time4Writing. Get tips and strategies for teaching writing from this online writing resource company.

Higher Education and Research

From professors blogging about technology to technology in college classrooms, these blogs cover it all.

  1. Howard Rheingold’s Vlog. This video blog by Howard Rheingold includes topics about social media and 21st century learning.
  2. Got Social?. A PhD student in Educational and Technology Communication, this blogger has plenty to share about technology in higher education settings as well as resources for educators implementing technology.
  3. The Wired Campus. Focusing on technology in the secondary educational setting, this blog offers everything from Twitter for improving writing to online courses.
  4. technology. This college professor blogs about social networking and other technology usages in the classroom.
  5. Lessig Blog. This popular and influential blog provides an in-depth look at technology, freedom, and the law.
  6. TeleFrieden. Telecommunications and the law feature in this blog written by Rob Frieden.
  7. My PhD Blog. This Danish PhD candidate blogs about youth and their usage of social networks.
  8. Augmented Social Cognition. From the Palo Alto Research Center, this blog looks at how groups work and think with much of the research studying groups in the context of new media.
  9. Posthegemony. The posts here study how cultures and civilizations rebound after a period of oppression by looking at current events and popular culture.
  10. Angela A Thomas. Dr. Thomas includes plenty of information about technology, especially as it pertains to education, in her blog.
  11. New Media Literacies Blog. This group studies new media and learning in an effort to make positive changes to the current educational system.

General Technology

While not focusing specifically on technology and education, any tech-savvy teacher will enjoy keeping her finger on the pulse of technology with these blogs.

  1. TechCrunch. Stay on top of all the latest news about Internet products and companies with this blog.
  2. Ars Technica. A popular blog for all things technology, you will find plenty of information and trends when you follow these posts.
  3. I, Cringely. This blog share the insight of Robert X. Cringely, who has written professionally on technology since the mid-80s.
  4. TED Blog. Watch these popular videos from TED that feature the best and brightest innovators in technology, the arts, and more.
  5. The Technology Liberation Front. Current technology issues are explored in legal and political terms here.
  6. Kasper Souren a.k.a. Guaka. Tech topics helpful to teachers such as social networks, wikis, and open source are frequently featured on this blog.
  7. Alertbox. Dr. Jakob Nielsen examines web usability issues in his bi-weekly updates here.
  8. MobileActive’s Blog. Mobile technology and social change are the topics of the posts on this blog.
  9. Technology360. Written by a former executive at NPR, this blog examines technology and social media.
  10. Question Technology. Kevin Arthur provides commentary about technology and society on his blog

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