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Video Sharing Sites from Ozge Karaoglu's Blog

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Video Sharing Sites That are not YouTube

Filed Under by ozge on 07-10-2009

B2F9888B-9ABE-4202-BBB4-F661D172019D“I know only one thing about the technologies that await us in the future: We’ll find ways to tell stories with them!” Jason Ohler


 None of us could image that we could watch videos on internet a decade ago but today we can easily swap videos with higher speed,resolution and higher quality. With telephones, cell phones and every kind of camera, we are capturing and sharing videos today, we owe a big thank you to video sharing sites.

And below, you can have a look at my list of these site.


With 12 Seconds, you can easily capture your 12 minute videos and share it with others. You can use your web cam or your mobile phone and you can embed your videos.


5 minute is a site where you can find short instructional videos by browsing different categories or using the search bar.


Blinkxis another site where you can search through the web to find videos you want, create personal video play lists or build a customized video wall for blog or MySpace pages. It has also adult content filter.


BlipTV is a next generation television network and its service designed for people who are making web shows. The shows may be sitcoms, news magazines, nature shows, dramas, science fiction or tech review shows.


Discovery Education provides digital resources to schools and homes with the goal of making educators more effective, increasing student achievement and connecting parents and classrooms. It has a digital library with over 9.000 titles, it has resources for k8 students to be scientists, high quality content for diverse classroom technology.


Dotsub is a browser based tool enabling subtitling of videos on the web into and from any language.


Ehow is a place where you can find clear and step by step instructions on how to do just about anything.


ForaTV is videos about people, issues and ideas changing the world. You can find video collection of live events, lectures and debates going on all the time at the world’s best universities and conferences.


Graspr is the place to find high quality instructional videos. You can easily find videos on specific topics, take notes and control your viewing experience.


HowStuffWorks is all about easy to understand explanations of how the world actually works.


iCue is a fun, innovative learning environment built around video from NBC News Archives. It is designed to help students with access to thousands of current and historic videos and other resources such as fun games and activities.It also has pop quizzes, game challenges and interactive activities.


JohnLocker aims at helping students, teachers, educators and the public get educated on variety of topics. It provides documentaries and educational videos.


KidsVid is an instructional video sharing site that gives teachers and students necessary tools to implement video production in the classrooms.


Nipedia is an online educational video database. You can select educational videos that are annotated via deep links.These links connect to articles, commentary and other rich media.


Nonfictionvideos is an online archive of documentary films.


SchoolTube provides students and educators a safe,world class and a free media sharing website. All student created videos are teacher approved by registered teachers. It’s a great site for teachers and students to show what they are doing and integrating technology into curriculum.


SchoolWaxTV is designed for schools, educators and students. All the videos on the site are teacher approved so it’s a safe place to use it with kids.


You can find many documentaries on SnagFilms.


Subply lets you to have subtitles and voice over added in any language to their videos.


TeachersTV is a channel and a website which supports the professional development. You can have instant access to professional development videos and resources, learn from other teachers, save time with lessons ideas, tips and keep update with the latest development in education.


Totlol is a video sharing site for kids and parents. All videos are appropriate for children view.


TeacherTube provides an online community for sharing instructional videos for teachers.


Tubetorial is a place where you can find “how to” videos.


On UntamedScience, you can learn about science and biology topics in a  fun and easy way.


VideoJug includes how to videos and ask to expert films that guides you step by step in a easy to follow way.


On Woopid, you can watch technology training videos. You can find your answers by simply watching.


YoutubeEdu lets us easily watch videos from hundreds of universities worldwide.


You can watch free academical video courses from leading universities on AcademicEarth.


ScholarSpot is a video sharing site that offers free university.


SchoolsTube(different from SchoolTube) provides exciting educational resource for students and teachers.


NextVista is an online library for teachers and students.


SqoolTube is a place for K-12 students and teachers where they can find videos on different topics.


StudyBeat is an easy to use digital library of high quality educational content that you can use in your classes to student learning and engagement.


StoryCenter is a video sharing site where you can tell and watch meaningful stories from real lives.


You can find free online educational videos and lessons from all over the world on Neo12.



Hulu,vimeo,youtube,googlevideo, ted , dailymotion, yahoovideoand many others that we can find on internet. Which one is your favourite?


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